Super Chameleon Power English Penny Version by Johnny Wong

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Super Chameleon Power English Penny Version by Johnny Wong

  • Out of production
    • Brands Murphy's Magic
    • Product Code: MR68145
    • Availability: Available in 7 - 10 days
    Johnny Wong brings you another high-powered coin miracle with Super Chameleon Power!

    With this superlative and easy-to-use set, you can perform all types of miracles with relative ease!

    Blow them away with a super-clean Matrix routine, treat them to an eye-popping transposition, and even more!

    Included is a DVD that teaches routines such as:
    • Coin thru the bottom of a glass cup
    • 3 coins disappear and reappear
    • Unique 3 Fly - 3 coins fly into a glass cup in a most magical way
    • 3 coins with a card illusion routine
    • Amazing coin finding cards
    • Coin quick penetration glass cup illusion
    • Coin penetration: from back of glass table into glass cup
    • Unique quick change
    • All that and whatever else your imagination can discover.
    It's time to show your audience your Super Chameleon Power! Buy yours today!

    This gimmick set comes with a card, a specially crafted old English Penny and a regular Chinese coin.