The FLY by Marcos Waldemar

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    • Brands Mónica Varela Rojo
    • Codice Prodotto: MRCL824
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    Welcome to THE FLY!

    THE FLY is a new magical effect in which a fly runs through the cards, finds the chosen card and then... leaves flying! This is an effect that will make everyone remember your show and remind you of the magician who has managed to train, hypnotize, catch... (any presentation you want to give the effect) a real fly. We invite you to try THE FLY anytime, anywhere. You will discover the power of this great illusion.

    "THE FLY is not just a way to find a spectator's card. This is a new way to surprise, to thrill and to do magic with something real and impossible."
    - Marcos Waldemar

    "I've always loved magic with animals. Thank you for this memorable gift, my friend."
    - Mago Antón (the creator of "A Fish Called Cousteau")