Undead by Miracle Factory

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Undead by Miracle Factory

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    A supernaturally amazing mindreading effect with the celebrated TWILIGHT book series

    Meld with any mind and
    see with the eyes of another

    Anywhere the spectator opens the book, you can read his mind with your supernatural-seeming powers of mentalism.

    Use ANY U.S. edition of ANY or ALL of the Twilight series!
    The books are ungimmicked...you can borrow them!

    Perform with a single book or all four volumes

    Works with paperback and hardbound editions

    The cueing gimmicks are built into natural, everyday objects

    Simple to learn and perform

    No memorization, no counting, nothing written down

    Perform it anywhere, close-up, street, or stage

    Perfect for romantic audiences, teenagers, and vampires

    You can repeat the effect immediately

    Gimmicks indicate blank pages and chapter openings

    Includes full-color instructions and all gimmicks...you supply the books, or borrow them!

    Meld with any mind and see with the eyes of another as you bring your audiences the adventure and romance of the incredibly popular Twilight book series! Undead is an ungimmicked book test with a very natural, simple method. A spectator chooses one of the books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn), opens it to any page, and begins reading silently. With no further questions, you give the spectator a vivid reading of a major word he's reading.

    We've distilled the most interesting word of the first line of every page in every one of the Twilight books...you'll know it instantly and right in front of the volunteer's eyes. No matter which book is chosen or where it's opened, you'll mind-meld with your volunteer and dramatically reveal the word and its imagery.
    Easy to learn and perform, instantly repeatable, and the gimmicks even help you avoid awkward situations by letting you know immediately if the spectator has chosen a blank page or chapter opening!

    Comes complete with full-color instructions and all necessary elements. Use any U.S. copy of the Twilight books...or borrow them!