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Appearing Flower Boxes - mini
Show a paper bag folded FLAT. Show both hands empty.   Open the bag, reach in, and ..
Balloon to Rabbit Box
The magician shows all sides of a big wooden box. The front of the box has a big cutout thro..
Quo Vadis
Der Zauberer frägt einer Person aus dem Publikum ob er ihm eine Uhr leiht um sie dann in einem blaue..
Dove Through Glass (Stage) (2 part trick) by Premium Magic
This dramatic effect using a real dove is always a crowd pleaser. A spectator from your audience exa..
Double Locked Mystery Box by Premium Magic
The Magician borrows a ring, coin, or a $100.00 bill (bank note) from someone in the audience. He th..
Wonder Block 2.0 (New Method) by King of Magic
The international big hit, Wonder Block, has come back with a revolutionary change. The Box w..
3-D Wonder Bag
The magician picks the wonder bag and magically produces the multi-designed bags one by one. ..
49,90€ 34,90€
AmazeBox Black (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mark Shortland and Vanishing Inc
"This prop is beautifully invisible to the audience. Organic and powerful. I can't wait to try n..
Amazing Cages from Frame by Tora Magic - original-artikel
The magician shows an empty plastic frame to the audience. And then he produces two dove cages ..
Amazing fire tube - Plus
Dieser Artikel ist gleich wie der Amazing fire tube, aber in dieser Ausführung werden 4 besondere Kä..
Appearing Everything from Box by Tora Magic - original-artikel
This production will transform your stage act! Show an empty Box to the audience... and produce e..
Ägyptische Produktion - Mit 12 verschiedenen Schals
Der Magier zeigt ein Flachbildschirm auf beiden Seiten. Sofort es in einem schönen Pyramide und das ..
Back of Tora Cube (Handcraft Antique)
Magic and Audience Participation together! This one's great fun, because your audience is con..
Balloon Transformer
Der Magier zeigt alle Seiten einer Holzkäfig. Von vorne kann man deutlich sehen, dass das Innere..
Bangle Tangle
The magician shows all sides of a front open box. The box has two holes on two side walls of the..
BASH! by Xeon Steel
From the mind of Xeon Steel, comes "BASH". Inspired by Xeon's own previous effect, "FIVE", Xeon ..
Billet Forcing Box
This ingenious box is ideal to force small paper slips (with on them for example a number, a wor..
Black Box Mystery
This perfect item has been designed and constructed for the magicians who want to perform unbeli..
98,90€ 79,90€
Box (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Sinbad Max and Lost Art Magic
Sinbad Max has been lurking in the underground magic scene of Beijing, China for far too long. T..
Box Ninety-Eight by Hand Crafted Miracles
The concept was simple.  1) Hand the spectator a small locked box to examine and hide aw..
Cabinet illusion - Maxi
Zeigen sie eine attraktive Metallschachtel. Die Zuschauer können sehr gut sehen, das die Schacht..
Cages and Dice from Paper Bag by Tora Magic
This production will transform your stage act! Show an empty paper bag to the audience... and..
Casserole - Aluminium - Medium - Single Load
A useful prop for productions of doves or other items! • Good quality at a good price! • The pan..
Chick Pan - Stainless Steel
The quality and brightness of this item is not to be confused with other kinds on sale. Thanks to th..
Color Vision Deluxe aus Teakholz - Vision Cube
Man zeigt einen Würfel und auf jeder Seite ist ein Kreis mit einer verschiedenen Farbe gezeichnet. E..
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