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Magic with Business Cards (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD

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Magic with Business Cards (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD

World's Greatest Magic - Magic with Business Cards (1 hour and 6 minutes).

A magician should leave a lasting impression and one of the best ways to do this is to give the business card in a magical way. Your potential customer will not only remember, but will also tangible evidence of your magical abilities just proved with your contacts.

In this DVD, you will meet nine performers with ten different ways to use your own business card in a magical way. John Guastaferro allows stains made ​​on the back of the ticket to turn in the name of a playing card choice while Banachek uses only four tickets to show a strange ability to know in advance a choice of a spectator. Business cards of Michael Ammar will distribute themselves mysteriously while Michael Close allows a signed ticket to turn around in a place unthinkable. Dan Harlan recreates a classic of magic with ropes with a note signed while Jeff McBride allows his ticket to appear just in the outstretched hands of a spectator. Daryl transforms his business card in an uncannily accurate prediction about the future, and Raj Madhok takes a classic effect of card magic and turns it into an amazing communion with the spirits. Finally, Greg Wilson shows how a pen can magically write in whatever color you choose while Michael Ammar returns with a ticket that can be printed by itself.

For any professional who uses business cards, these effects can literally make the difference between a business that is thrown in a pile and one that is stored with affection by those who receive it and, maybe even years later, it will show others how to witness the magical encounter with a special person: you!

Constellation - John Guastaferro
This' n that - Banachek
The incredible business machine - Michael Ammar
The el cheepo magic club - Michael Close
Business card nightmare - Dan Harlan
Business card connection - Jeff McBride
Business card prophecy - Daryl
Piano séance - Raj Madhok
Multi-color pen - Gregory Wilson
Self-printing business cards - Michael Ammar

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