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Watch Magic with Oz Pearlman - DVD

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Codice prodotto: MGSTR0111-MR
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Watch Magic with Oz Pearlman - DVD

The material taught on this DVD is straight out of the professional repertoire of Oz Pearlman, and includes some of his most treasured routines. Each routine has been thoroughly audience tested over hundreds of live performances and proven to be incredibly powerful and commercial magic. Oz guides the viewer through every technical detail, captured frame-by-frame, including all the psychological subtleties that transform a card trick into a miracle! 
Think Touch Turn Reborn ? A classic Marlo effect reengineered and revitalized. Every phase builds, up until the dramatic climax which happens right in the spectator?s hands. Also includes Oz?s favorite four ace production.
Emerge Triumphant ? The way Triumph was meant to be. Shuffle the deck face up into face down, clear as day. A mere snap of the fingers and all the cards are fixed?all except for the selected card. And wait, they?re in brand new deck order! Clean, direct, and very entertaining.
3some ? A seductive mystery with a signed card, two lovely ladies, and an effect so impossible, it is guaranteed to stun any audience.
Intencified ? Mind blowing, visual magic wrapped up into a hilarious storyline. What more could you ask for?
Blades ? A front row seat to a battle between the Kings as they prove their manliness. This routine is logical, motivated, full of surprises, and best of all, draws your audience into the magic.
Pirate Stab ? The NY Times declared ?Even skeptical viewers are won over? after witnessing this delightful routine.
False cuts:
R-dub-C ? Three packets dance from hand to hand and reunite in perfect symmetry.
Maladroit cut - Cards flip left and right, forward and back, in a flourishy cut that?s as fun to watch as it is to perform.
Features & Bonus Material:
TouchMagic? the next step in evolution for magic DVDs
Live performance footage from WatchMagic, Oz?s Off-Broadway theatrical production.
Photo galleries
?WatchMagic? theme song by Shawn Elliot
And more!

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