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Roberto Giobbi - Card College - Volume 1
• 224 pages, foreword by Juan Tamariz   These are some of the topics covered:   ..
Roberto Giobbi - Card College Volume 1 with Bicycle Deck
Complete kit of Book and Bicycle Cards. The kit includes: Card College by Roberto Giobbi (Vol. 1..
Roberto Giobbi - Card College Volume 2 with Bicycle Deck
Complete kit of Book and Bicycle Cards. The kit includes: Card College by Roberto Giobbi (Vol. 2..
Le lezioni originali di magia Tarbell 2 (Lezioni 11-20)
Harlan Tarbell conceived in 1926 the correspondence course for magicians, consisting of 60 lessons, ..
Roberto Giobbi - L’arte dello scambio di mazzo
TECHNIQUES & GAMES FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS   Have you ever used a rigged or preorda..
Alain Iannone - Close-ups for the real world
Picture book of 160 pages - 16x24 cm format   Foreword by Tony Binarelli   13 rules an..
Aldo Magenga - Effetti scenici con il fulmicotone
In this booklet of 12 pages Magenga Aldo, aka "Wizard Fiorelli," describes some stage effects achi..
Alessandro Serena - Luci della giocoleria
Illustrated book consists of 152 pages - size 21x15 cm.   The interest and popularity tha..
Alex Stone - Ingannando Houdini
Italian text, 302 pages in black and white, bound stitched, with flaps. Original title: "Fooling Hou..
Arturo Brachetti - Fregoli raccontato da Fregoli
illustrated book consists of 320 pages - Format 16x24 cm Arturo Brachetti, the great actor-change..
Arturo de Ascanio - Giorni Neri
Illustrated book consists of 112 pages - size 16 cm x 24 paperback. A magical love story, a fasci..
Bruno Ristori - Fachirismo e lettura del pensiero
A journey to discover the most famous tricks performances of varieties in the early twentieth centur..
Carlo Cicala - Cornucopia
A tool for magicians and mentalists.   What CORNUCOPIA? Designed by Carlo Cicala, it is a..
Carlo Faggi - Quaderni magici
Notes shown on some classical illusionism dedicated to those who want to learn easy techniques to su..
Carlo Rossetti - Magia delle carte
  A classic of magic that has made the history of our glorious art. We are pleased and proud..
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Carmelo Piccoli - 1 - Didattica illusionistica
Book of 112 pages on the basic techniques of prestigiazione, perfect if you want to begin to take ..
Carmelo Piccoli - 3 - Giochi di prestigio e sorprese magiche
In this 150-page book, the author describes more than 100 magic tricks and magical surprises, enrich..
Carmelo Piccoli - 4 - Magia empirica, illusioni ottiche e magia comica
In this book, a 170-page, the author analyzes the "magic thumb," the fascinating world of optical il..
Carmelo Piccoli - Con una corda e una Forbice Tre Evasioni
A 12-page booklet with clear illustrations to bring you to the world of magic with the strings. ..
Carmelo Piccoli - Io e lui... il Mazzo di Carte
Italian version of two works written by Tony Binarelli who have consolidated his reputation abroad t..
Carmelo Piccoli - Istantanee cartomagiche
Dossier of 22 pages, richly illustrated, entirely dedicated to card games, simple but effective. ..
Collana completa di routines e trucchi originali - 20 libri
As many of you know, our company holds an exclusive all publications of Carmel Small. With this o..
Daniele Ancona - Manipolazione scenica delle carte
Illustrated book consists of 121 pages - 15 x 21 cm format. A new practical guide for all magical..
"DEDALUS is a marvel! A great idea and excellent realization. A tool with thousands of applications ..
Domenico Dante - Tecniche per produzione di colombe
This book is part of the magnificent "magic routines Necklace and original tricks", conceived by Don..
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