1% (One Percent) 2 DVD set by Yu Hojin - DVD

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1% (One Percent) 2 DVD set by Yu Hojin - DVD

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    Yu Hojin 
    FISM 2012 Blackpool Stage Grand Prix Winner 
    Academy of Magical Art's 2013 Magician of the Year

    Yu Hojin, the world famous card manipulator presents his DVD project, 1%.

    1% is a two DVD set on card manipulation, with Yu's original ideas and routines.

    Inside the first DVD, you will find basic sleights and techniques that you need to learn as a card manipulator.

    Inside the second DVD, you will find some of the very best card manipulation ideas in the world.

    After you watch the two DVDs and learn the techniques and ideas from the three sections, Basic, Professional, and Original, your capability and understanding on card manipulation will have improved by many steps.

    Also included in the second DVD, is a recording of Yu Hojin's workshop. 
    In the workshop, Yu Hojin will talk about his philosophy as a magician, how he practices, what a magician should think about, and share some of his secrets that made him a performer that he is.

    DVD 1: Basic and Professional
    Back Palm Single Production & Pivot Sequence
    Cardini Production & Fan Production Sequence
    Tenkai Spin Production
    Perfect Production (by Index Finger)
    Longitudinal [Vertical] Perfect Production (Japanese Perfect Production)
    Packet Appearing & Vanishing Sequence
    Twirling Production
    Dual Fan from Interlock

    Pastel Sequence
    Yu Hojin Clean Card Vanish
    Hatta Grip Fan Production and Vanish Sequence
    Yu Hojin Multiple Color Change Sequence
    Blackpool Backpalm Color Change
    Drop Vanish
    Flash Card Roll Down
    Mitosis Card Roll Down
    The Eraser
    Four Cards Sequence

    DVD 2: Original and Workshop
    Yu Hojin Color Fan Production
    Yu Hojin Card Roll Down Sequence
    PYS Rainbow Fan Color Change Sequence
    Single Card to Rainbow Fan
    Into the Blank
    Yu Hojin Diminishing Card
    Yu Hojin Impossible Fan Production
    Vaporizing Pips

    Yu Hojin's Workshop (30 Min.)