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A Florin Spun by Hector Chadwick

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    The controlled coin toss and its applications to the world of magic and mentalism.

    This little book is a treatise on how to control the outcome of a coin toss, and how such an ability might be useful in performance.

    Inside, you'll find descriptions of:
    • The controlled coin toss itself - the fundamentals and minutiae of the technique.
    • Three variants of a controlled catch - allowing the coin to be called in midair.
    • A controlled table spin.
    • A gimmicked method - allowing someone else to spin the coin on the table.
    • Three example performances, each focusing on a different application of the controlled coin toss.
    • A list of further miscellaneous applications.
    • An in-depth exploration of the move's history.
    Hardback, 152 pages, printed on 90gsm Munken Premium Cream with a sewn binding.