Billet to the Brain (B2B) by LokI Kross DVD and Gimmick

Billet to the Brain (B2B) by LokI Kross DVD and Gimmick

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    "The method is diabolically clever and the effect on the audience is incredible. There is NO WAY back for them."
    - Doc Eason

    "A Billet to the Brain is Great! It's a fooler that can be carried around in your pocket with ordinary items. This Yet ANOTHER great effect by LokI"
    - Kyle Marlett

    Espionage Based Mentalism for Everyone

    When you take Proven Methods from Espionage and Mentalism
    Combine them with a Series of Diabolical Logical Loopholes
    And Apply them to a Common Gadget that will become your Best Friend in Clandestine Activities...

    You get a System that can Extract Information from Your Target
    USEFUL Information You CAN Use from a Mind Reading Exercise to a Book-Test.

    And The Best Part...
    They will BELIEVE that your Eyes were Covered and Closed the WHOLE time.

    Now Open Your Eyes...
    And Take "A Billet to the Brain".

    Order "A Billet to the Brain" today and receive the eBook "REDACTED< I>"!

    "REDACTED" is filled with Scripts, Tips, and Justifications by LokI Kross; along with Peter "The Perceptionist" Turner. Including a New Routine by Luca Volpe that is Insanely DIRECT, Removing many of the Moves and the need to have your Eyes Covered; for those who prefer a more Traditional Approach!