Burn by Gustavo Sereno

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Burn by Gustavo Sereno

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    Present an envelope. Ask a spectator to think of any playing card or any number (no forcing). Suppose you say 5 of hearts. Open the envelope and drop a lighter into the spectator's hands. The lighter will be lit and you pass the thumbs in the flame as if it were burning yourself. Then, place your thumbs towards the spectators and the skin has blisters of the shape of the number and the suit of the card chosen freely.

    - A killer effect in your pocket.

    - FORCES are NOT used.

    - The spectator can name ANY CARD or any number between 1 and 100.

    - Instant reset.

    - Easy to perform.

    • Instructions are provided in a convenient download. Although in English, they are clear and easy to follow thanks to video images.