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    • Brands ZiHu
    • Codice Prodotto: MRCL958
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    With COLORFUL, objects will change color completely, so you can hand them out for anyone to check, without a trace. VISUAL - DIRECT - EYE CANDY!

    If you spend most of your time performing magic with cards or coins, why not spend a little on magic with everyday objects? Just a little... with COLORFUL.

    Bottle caps are found everywhere, in many colors, so why not perform a little bit with them? We are proud to present this product, an all-new gimmick that has never appeared before. Use it to change the color of bottle caps, not once but several times! Whether on a table, plastic bottle, or anywhere, simply grab one and change it immediately.

    - Bottle cap changes itself twice in different colors
    - The cap color change can happen while on the bottle, inside one's hand, or in mid air!

    And importantly:

    - Resets immediately
    - Can perform in any environment or situation: in your hands, while on the bottle, while in the air, and even in the spectator's hands!
    - Many routines are taught: transposition, color changing effects, and more.
    - Ends fully examinable without any switch at all