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Mazzo di carte Bicycle Dog (Blue) Playing Cards by US Playing Card Co.

  • €9.90
    • Prezzo in punti fedeltà: 10
    • Brands U.S.P.C.C.
    • Codice Prodotto: MRCRT3026B
    • Disponibilità: Disponibile - spedito in un giorno
    Pink and blue classic color scheme, a cute innovation of a century old classic Bicycle cards. Cow cats and Huskies, directly hitting the hearts of pet lovers. With dog and cat court card designs, and the fluorescent ink, you'll be dealing out a universe of entertainment.

    • CAT AND DOG CARD FACES - The appearance of cats and dogs in various forms of life.
    • Fluorescent ink presenting fluorescent colors under UV light.
    • Air cushion finish
    • Made in USA