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Mazzo di carte Deadwood Marked (Red) Playing Cards by Matthew Wright and Mark Bennett

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    • Brands Matthew Wright
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    The gambling saloons of Deadwood, South Dakota, are synonymous with the Wild West and the infamous cowboys who frequented them. None more so that Wild Bill Kickok who was shot in the back by Jack McCall whilst playing poker while still holding the now legendary "Dead Mans Hand" of 2 black 8's and 2 black Aces.

    This one-of-a-kind deck is designed to bring back the nostalgia of the Wild West and transport you back into a time cowboys and hustlers. The Deadwood deck has an authentic waxy feel and finish plus a craft paper card box for an extra level of realism. Each and every card has been individually designed to be aged differently so no two cards in the deck are exactly the same and repeat patterns often found in other aged decks do not occur with the Deadwood deck.

    Available in both red and blue, the cards have easy to read markings on them allowing for interesting gambling and magic presentations and also comes complete with a joker plus 4 extra "blood stained" cards from the "Dead Mans Hand". A special bonus red/blue double backer completes this incredible deck.