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Mazzo di carte Mandala V2 Playing Cards

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    Mandala, the "circle", is an ancient geometric figure used as a tool for focus and meditation. Mandala-like symbols are present in cultures all around the world, from alchemical symbols to the Mayan calendar.

    Their repetitive, infinite design represents the universe in its cyclical aspect, the coming and going of seasons, of life and death.

    Nowadays, mandalas are used as a form of stress-reliever, for example in the form of coloring books. It is said that, when drawing a mandala, you should let your emotions run free, so that the ending result will mirror your current emotional state.

    Mandala V2 deck features:
    • Printed by WJ Playing Card Company
    • 300gsm German black core paper stock
    • Air cushion finish
    • Limited to 600 decks