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Profiteer (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Adrian Vega

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    The Mystery Box is a classic plot that most magicians have in their repertoire. Having a freely selected, signed card, appear miraculously in an isolated container is a plot that is easy to follow, and it drives magicians and laypeople crazy. Adrian Vega, the creator of SCAANDAL, has taken this concept to the extreme by developing a Mystery Box without a box! He has created the most organic version we have ever seen. All of the items in play make perfect sense and we guarantee that it will become a staple in card transportations and predictions. The switch is so invisible that not only is it fun to perform, but it will hold up on a TV set even if they use slow motion cameras!

    Always ready to perform

    Use it with billets, predictions, and any type of playing card, fully customizable

    No elastics

    Takes up little pocket space

    Objects are organic in everyday situations

    Gimmick is instantly reset and ready for next performance

    Profiteer is the ultimate bar bet, and the best part, you'll never lose!