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SLEEK by Jeki Yoo

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    This cool magic lets you turn a Credit Card into a pair of stylish Sunglasses in seconds.

    It's super easy to use, so anyone can do it and look cool. It's great for social media and live shows, making it a hit wherever you go. Carry it with you every day and be ready to impress your friends with a fun trick that's also a great fashion statement.

    Plus, there's no cleanup needed after you finish the trick. I've spent 2 years developing this to make it perfect for everyone!

    Instant Transformation: Effortlessly converts credit card into stylish sunglasses in just seconds, offering a surprising change.

    Easy to Perform: Designed for simplicity, making it accessible and performable by anyone, regardless of their magic skill level.

    Ideal for Social Sharing: Perfect for capturing and sharing on social media or performing live, adding a fun and engaging element to your content or shows.

    No Cleanup Required: Once the trick is done, there's no mess or fuss to worry about, making it hassle-free.

    Fashionable and Practical: Not only is it a cool magic trick, but it also serves as a fashionable accessory, merging entertainment with style in a visually striking way.

    No DIY, Self-Contained Gimmick Included: Everything needed for the trick comes ready out of the box, with no assembly required, making it even easier to get started.

    Gimmick Without E.T: The gimmick is designed without the use of E.T. ensuring durability and a strong performance every time.

    "Jeki is a master of social media magic. He creates memorable, stunning & magical visuals. I predict SLEEK will be one of his most popular social media magic releases!"
    - Jeff McBride (Creator of McBride's Magic & Mystery School)

    "Another wonderful creation from the wonderfully creative Jeki Yoo."
    - Charlie Frye

    Each gimmick is meticulously handmade with love to ensure the highest quality.

    What's inside?
    • Stylish sunglasses
    • Compact self-contained gimmick
    • Tutorial instruction with Jeki Yoo