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Smart Memo Pad (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by PITATA MAGIC

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    The PITATA Smart Memopad gives you an instant impression of anything written or drawn on a notepad they're holding.
    This is possibly the most discreet and powerful impression pad in the world.

    Enjoy the trailer.

    The Design Process

    In the initial stages of development, we followed the conventional approach for electronic impression pads - creating a board and chip, and placing it in a clipboard. However, one day, a post-it note on a desk sparked an inspiration - what if we could integrate the chip into the notepad itself? This would make it the ultimate form of a close-up synchronous impression pad.

    Excited by this inspiration, we embarked on a series of experiments to turn our vision into reality. Our understanding of the product evolved further, as we realized that it should not be limited to fixed housing. Instead, it should be versatile and customizable, with endless possibilities for users to make it their own.

    Simplicity is Hidden in Complexity.

    Product Details

    1. Customizable External Housing

    The PITATA Smart MemoPad is designed with a unique feature - it has no fixed outer housing. Its compact electronic board and chip measure only 6.5cm x 9cm x 0.5cm, roughly the size and thickness of a dozen playing cards, allowing you to conceal it in a variety of places. Here are some suggestions:

    Memo Pad: The unit comes with a hollow memo pad. Simply place the electronic board inside, and it will look like an ordinary memo pad. It contains 45 complete sheets of paper, providing enough for 40 performances (the bottom 5 complete sheets are intended to maintain the thickness for concealment).

    Playing Card Tuck Box: With some minor modifications, the MemoPad can be placed in a playing card tuck box. You can then write information on a Post-it note or an index card and place it on the box.

    Wallet Card Case: For impromptu performances, you can put the unit into a wallet or business card case, and use your own business cards to write down information.

    By offering these options for concealment, the PITATA Smart MemoPad is one of the most discreet close-up electronic synchronous impression devices available, ideal for a variety of scenarios.

    2. Intelligent Technology

    The PITATA Smart MemoPad boasts impressive high-tech features, including those inherited from the PITATA Smart WhiteBoard:

    AI text recognition: The MemoPad can intelligently recognize text information written on it in multiple languages.

    Voice broadcast: After recognizing the text, the MemoPad will automatically broadcast it to the magician through a Bluetooth headset.

    Apple Watch display: You can discreetly access the information on your Apple Watch.

    In addition, the PITATA Smart MemoPad also incorporates PITATA IoT functions, making it a truly cutting-edge device.

    3. PITATA IoT Functionality

    If you write a time on a PITATA synchronized impression device like the PITATA MemoPad or PITATA Smart WhiteBoard, the PITATA App will automatically recognize it and use Time Hacker or PITATA Watch to set the corresponding time, creating an impossible time prediction effect. With this technology, the magician only needs to focus on the performance from start to finish, and the secrets are all taken care of by AI.

    • It may be the simplest yet most powerful close-up electronic synchronous impression device ever created.
    • The MemoPad is not built into a permanent case to avoid limiting your imagination. It can be presented as a standard memo pad or concealed in a card box, clipboard, wallet, or any other housing of your choice.
    • The MemoPad features wireless charging, which takes just 2 hours to fully charge and provides up to 10 hours of standby time when powered on.
    • Magnetic on/off switch.
    • The pen is charged via USB and offers up to 15 hours of powered-on standby time when fully charged, which takes just 1.5 hours.
    • For an even more convenient peek operation, the optional PITATA Palm Peeker is also available.
    Each set comes with two additional pen ink refills, which can last a long time if they are exclusively used for performances.

    • Main unit with housing: 6.7cm x 9.1cm x 0.6cm
    • Main unit without housing: 6.5cm x 9cm x 0.5cm
    • Pen: 15cm x 1.1cm
    • Memo pad: 8.2cm x 11.7cm x 1.1cm
    • 1 x PITATA MemoPad
    • 1 x PITATA MemoPad pen
    • 1 x Customized hollowed notepad
    • 1 x Wireless charger and cable
    • 1 x Accessory pack
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