Snap Shot by Thom Peterson - DVD and special printed cards

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    (testo in aggiornamento, traduzione italiana in corso)
    A True "No Camera" Trick




    1. A card is looked at and remembered.
    2. Three Pieces of "photographic paper" (which bear an uncanny resemblance to double-black cards) are introduced.
    3. One of the three pieces of photo paper are chosen by the spectator and signed on the back.
    4. The signed paper is then inserted between the other two.
    5. Suddenly, a blurry image of the spectator's thought-of card appears on the face. Is your spectator out of focus, or did you just have way too much coffee this morning?

    Comes complete with instructional DVD, specially-printed cards and uncontrollable caffeine jitters.

    Running Time Approximately 42min