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The Peek- In Plain Sight by Casper Ryan

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    I would like to make a statement... To discourage the lazy Mentalist/Magician, without a fair knowledge of misdirection/audience management, without wanting to put in the effort, your chances of success are bad.

    This is somewhat bold. I have had a lot of success over the years with this. You will get all of my information and ideas on how to best execute this. I go over audience management, how to disguise the peek to make it look natural and make sense, I also talk about routines I feel best fit this.

    Billet work is not something you should take lightly or dismiss.For Mentalists, billets are potentially one of the most fundamental tools in their arsenal. You can create some powerful pieces of magic, mind reading, moments that last a lifetime.You can create some powerful pieces of wonder with a stack of billets and a pen.

    The problem I found with traditional billets was the peak itself. Most of the moves and excuses never felt fully justified.With this project I wanted to get as close to them writing the information. Then instantly I knew that information... but with no electronics. Just a billet, a pen and their thought of information.In Plain Sight solved this for me.

    With this package you receive 60 billets, thoughts, performance subtleties, psychological subtleties and more.Each pack has been hand prepared. For 6 Shadows first physical product. We wanted something that hit big.This could take your performance to a whole new level!

    • 60 specialist billets
    • Online instructions