Cannibal Cards (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD

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Cannibal Cards (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD

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    World's Greatest Magic - Cannibal cards (1 hour and 27 minutes).

    The effect of "The cards cannibals" was invented by Lin Searles in the 1950 Without a doubt, since then, his unusual story has captured the imagination of all cartomaghi. The original version of Searles involved the use of special cards. However, in this DVD, you will see the seven masters of this effect, each with its own version of this classic card game where some seem to disappear when placed among other papers, apparently eaten by "cannibals cards", but done with normal cards . The first is the classic version with Michael Ammar combined effect "Apex Aces" by Frank Garcia and "Collectors" getting three minutes of pure entertainment, while Bill Malone follows with a hilarious presentation full of false explanations that will fool other magicians. Juan Tamariz transforms the effect in a number of theatrical magic, while JJ Sanvert shows the classical texture with the addition of a final surprising. Larry Jennings, as might be expected, showing a presentation of classic elegance, while Michael Skinner presents the version that was used for more than 25 years while he was the official magician of the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. Finally, Eugene Burger presents a simplified version of that fool, once again, anyone in particular but all who know the classic handling of this effect.

    Cannibal cards - Michael Ammar
    Those scary cannibal cards - Bill Malone
    The cannibals - Juan Tamariz
    Cannibals - J. J. Sanvert
    Cannibal kings - Larry Jennings
    Cannibal cards - Michael Skinner
    Cannibals - Eugene Burger