Coins Through Table (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD

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Coins Through Table (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD

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    World's Greatest Magic - Coins through the table (1 hour and 30 minutes).

    Since its inception in magic literature in 1600, the effect of the "coins that pass through a table" has captured the imagination of magicians and led them to create countless variations and versions.

    In this volume, you will see eight different versions of this effect from close-up with different methodologies, presentations and even end users. David Roth shows and explains the approach of the original Al Baker for passing the coins through the table, one at a time, while Gary Ouellet presents the version of Dai Vernon from Stars of Magic. Steve Dacri shows a version taught to him by Slydini and refined by Vernon while John Mendoza uses six coins instead of the traditional four and ends the routine with an incredible final production. David Roth is back with the traditional technique of Han Ping Chien to pass all three coins at once, followed by Larry Jennings with a wonderful method no-lap. Johnny Thompson presents his version of the routine of Baker linked to that of Han Ping Chien, while David Regal presents a method and an innovative presentation for this classic close-up.

    The passage of a solid object through another solid object has always been fertile ground for wizards and the use of common objects, such as coins and the table, give it another layer of mystery and fascination. Learn one (or more) of those methods and you are always ready to entertain and confuse anyone at any time with objects that are completely normal and family.

    Coins through the table (one at a time) - David Roth
    Kangaroo coins - Gary Ouellet
    Coins thru table - Steve Dacri
    Coins thru the table - John Mendoza
    Coins through the table (Han Ping Chien method) - David Roth
    Coins through the table - Larry Jennings
    Coins through table / Han Ping Chien - Johnny Thompson
    Coins through the table - David Regal