Cube by Shoot Ogawa - DVD and Gimmick

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Cube by Shoot Ogawa - DVD and Gimmick

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    Jumper Act
    With a delicate hand punch, a bicycle card is punched with a hole, the hole is real can be seen through, with a magic tap, the hole just transforms from the card to your business card.
    Small love
    A card is shown with a small hole, give it magical rubs,the small hole is visually changed to a large hole, slide the card out, the large hole changes to a small hole again.
    Unexpected Act
    Prediction fails to match the selected card. Get the prediction punched by a heart shape punch, finally it  match the selection successfully.
    Almost miss act
    A card is choosen freely and put back. With a magical snap, a card faces up, but not the selection. Magician holds the card and flicks the back of it, ending up a card with 2 holes in heart shape that matches the selection.
    Too much act
    Have a spectator hold a card and then put it in the middle of the deck of card anywhere he likes. The card next to the spectator's card is different but special now. Magician holds the spectator's card and flick it to table, magically the card changes to a one with holes in heart shape that matches the spectator's card.
    The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Enjoy the trick.
    Completes with gimmicked cards, hand punch and instructional DVD.