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Devastation Playing Cards ( Collector's Edition No seal or number) by Jody eklund

  • $71.88
    • Prezzo in punti fedeltà: 25
    • Brands Jody Eklund
    • Codice Prodotto: MRBIC886
    • Punti Fedeltà: 2
    • Disponibilità: Disponibile

    The Collector's edition includes stunning red foil on a sturdy matte Red tuck, with crisp embossing. You will not want to pass up this great edition to the series.

    Printed by the Legends Playing Card Company, Each court card, Ace and Joker has original illustrations, capturing the feel of the era.
    The Cards are printed on the Classic Finish, which is the highest quality card stock.
    The Tuck Case is made with a Premium Matte Card Stock Box, fully embossed and foiled, combined with Red Metallic Ink
    Unique Back Design