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Hole On A Sec Blue By Zamm Wong & Magic Action

  • €39.90
    • Brands Zamm Wong
    • Product Code: MRSCE1276B
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    The holes transposition is a visually stunning and mind blowing effect. Holes jumping from place to place as if the fabric of reality is bending on a little playing card.But hold on... what is the purpose of this?

    Hole On A Sec by Magic Action is bringing new meaning to the mysterious jumping holes. Numerous holes are punched on a single playing card. The holes would not just jump, but reveal the card your spectators have in their mind in a split second. With light passing through the holes, your audience can see the very moment the magic happens, like stars regrouping into a fortune telling horoscope.
    • Easy to control
    • Reset in seconds
    • Suitable for both video and live performance