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Marbles Playing Cards

  • €13.90
    • Price in reward points: 14
    • Brands Ellusionist
    • Product Code: DFCRT801
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    ** Winner of the first ever Ellusionist Grand Prix **

    In mid-2018, we put 6 deck designs into a tournament like no other!

    A fight to the death to declare the undisputed heavyweight champion. 

    6 decks entered, and after tens of thousands of votes, there was only one left standing: MARBLES. 

    Ellusionist fans & buyers from over 180 countries voted online & via social media to crown the victor. The decision seemed obvious. 

    We'd love to say no designs were harmed during this contest, but 5 decks met their fate!

    - Luxury Pressed E7 Stock (exclusive to Ellusionist).
    - A new bold colorway.
    - A swell-ink tuck with depth & texture. 
    - The #1 design for the people, chosen by the people. 

    • Ellusionist quality.
    • The cards are poker size.