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Orbit Deck V4 Playing Cards

Marca: Varie
Codice prodotto: MRCRT164-DF
Punti fedeltà: 2
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Orbit Deck V4 Playing Cards

Welcome back to the Orbit crew, it's been a while!
The fourth edition of the Orbit deck sets all the new standards and carries the Orbit brand where it has never been pushed before. Many things have evolved and as always a lot of time and dedication have been incorporated into the project. The Orbit deck was originally funded by people on Kickstarter in 2015, the second edition came out in 2016, the third in mid-2017 and the fourth here in late 2017. From now on there will be 2 outputs of Orbit decks each year until 2020 when there will be the tenth and last edition. Each edition along the way will be characterized by a unique design and feeling, because each edition should bring something more than just another color.
Design has always been an important aspect for the Orbit brand. If you notice, the first three Orbit decks have had very few other projects competing with the central O symbol in bold. This time it was decided to change it and bring a new design. The edges were made a little thinner than before to ensure that the white line of the shuttle was visible in a "ribbon". The combination in black and white makes this deck a visual pleasure that will be difficult to overcome. This deck, just like the other Orbits, has the same duplicate wildcards, double backs and a duplicate of 8 of spades.
The fourth edition of the Orbit deck is the first in the Orbit range for a lot of things. It is the first to present Premium quality (Bee Stock). This premium tire is also crushed, which means that the cards are thinner than traditional Bee playing cards.
These cards are traditionally cut as in the third edition, to give that old school atmosphere to the cards and to ensure easy "lighthouse".
• Cards are poker format.

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