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OUTSTANDING by Marc Oberon

  • €129.90
    • Brands Marc Oberon
    • Product Code: MR67728
    • Availability: Available in 7 - 10 days

    A game-changer, 52 possibilities from only ONE Pocket.

    Outstanding provides the performer with the greatest amount of Outs ever via a Single Pocket. Playing Cards, American States, Football Teams, Makes of Car - Anything you can imagine, you can predict.

    Perfect for Zoom. Resets instantly for close up. Easy to perform.

    If you are looking for a practical multiple out system with almost infinite mentalism and magic applications, then "Outstanding" is for you.

    • 52 pre written playing cards.
    • Plenty of blank papers.
    • 40 minutes of in depth video instructions.
    • Outstanding envelopes.
    "Powerful, Fooling & Wonderfully Direct."
    - Luke Jermay

    "Super Clean. Very Direct."
    - Andy Nyman

    "Outstanding takes the plot of 'any card called for' and knocks it out of the ballpark! Without question this is the best version ever!"
    -Marc Paul

    "A must-have piece of strong, direct, breathtakingly deceptive mentalism."
    - Ian Rowland

    "Totally brilliant, with so many presentational possibilities."
    - Russ Stevens

    "A must have for real workers"
    - Ettiene Prada

    "I see why it's called 'Outstanding'! Can't wait to get a copy for myself."
    - Michael Murry

    "This is your best effect yet..."
    - Richard Young