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Professional by Kim Hyun Soo - DVD

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    ・Card to Cigarette
    ・Cigarette Box to Fan
    ・Cigarette Holder

    ・Back Palm Production with Thumb Count
    ・Card and Silk Maneuvers
    ・Dividing a Fan of Cards
    ・Dividing the Card Packet
    ・Fan Color Change
    ・Left Hand Fan Productions
    ・Left Hand Productions
    ・Packet Transfer during Multiple Fan Productions
    ・Packet Transfer with Card Twirling
    ・Right Hand Fan Productions

    ・Card to Rose
    ・Rose Steal and Production
    ・Rose to Double Fan
    ・Silk Rose
    ・Twin Rose
    ・Vanishing Rose

    ・Color Changing Cane to Rose
    ・Confetti Holder Rose
    ・Lighter to Fan
    ・Plastic Film
    ・Rising Card
    ・Triple Holding System
    ・Twin Rose Holder
    ・Vanishing Cane with Streamer

    ・Full Version Act Lecture 1
    ・Full Version Act Lecture 2
    ・Full Version Act Lecture 3
    ・Full Version Act Setting
    ・Full Version Act Performance

    DVD about 95 min.