The Cream Bands with DVD

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The Cream Bands with DVD

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    Cream rubber band, is the world's most beautiful rubber band penetration magic!

    Unprecedented use of new methods of classical interpretation series rubber band magic, this effect to another level! Rubber band to wear like a cheese melt into the general, do not shake, do not cover, the 
    Have occurred in the course of the present in the audience, the strong visual effects directly, and even a magician will be surprised!

    Products containing: Teaching Supplies DVD + 20 group (link rubber band 14 group + Fusion Series 6 group) + 30 group of normal rubber band (n = supplies can be reused 50 times or more)

    Product Characteristics: 
    1. This product is imported from Japan the use of rubber band, a soft texture, bright color, very suitable for performance rubber band magic 
    2. Portable, set up quickly! Performing the process of not-for-steal, do not shake, you can slow-motion, there is no point of restriction, you can watch close-up 
    3. To check the final rubber band can be given to the audience! 
    4. Can penetrate the effect of the theme with a classic such as lunatics handcuffs rubber band magic, a series of surprise to the audience! 
    5. DVD is rich in content and contains a total of 10 kinds of procedures:
    .Escape from the finger 
    .Escape from the pen 
    .The band reset 
    .Crazy man's handcuffs 
    .Basic link (1) 
    .Basic link (2) 
    .Cream link 
    .Table link & gimmick 
    .Bonus: Cream merging bands