The Gordon Diary Trick Complete Package (DVD and Gimmick) by Paul Gordon - DVD

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    The Gordon Diary Trick is, in our opinion, the best diary effect ever. The great news is you can perform it with absolutely no memory work at all!

    The Gordon Diary Trick has long been a favorite with the pros. It has gained recognition from some of magic's great performers.

    "I regularly use The Gordon Diary in my close-up work. It provides one of the strongest reactions to anything I perform. It hits people on an entirely different level from other tricks they see. Highly recommended."

    "The Gordon Diary Trick is a superb addition to the diary genre!"
    - JAMY IAN SWISS (Genii)

    "The very best diary trick ever!"
    - PHIL WILLMARTH (The Linking Ring)

    "I use Paul Gordon's Diary Trick on a regular basis. It's wonderful."

    "Paul Gordon's Diary Trick is excellent. Wonderful magic and wonderful mentalism."

    "If ever there was a mentalism startler, Paul Gordon's Diary Trick is it. Bravo!"

    The Gordon Diary Trick
    is an effect you will perform regularly. It's easy to do, yet gets amazing reactions!

    Your package comes complete with:

    Gorgeous custom-printed diary, full instructional DVD and custom-printed crib card that eliminates all the memory work!