X-Change Wallet

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X-Change Wallet

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    • Price in reward points: 44
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    The concept of performing magic using a wallet has long been around since decades ago and now, “X-magic” has been inspired to redesign, refine and reproduce an original wallet for magicians to use, called “X-Change Wallet”.

    In the past and even now, most of the magic wallets in the market are subject to various limitations. 

    “X-Change Wallet” completely overcomes all the limitations with its new and original design. 

    This wallet is made with genuine leather and can definitely be used as an every day wallet.  It can be handed out for examination before and after performance.  

    It can also be used to perform various magic effects such as vanishes, productions, transformation, transposition and more.

    On top of that, compared to other magic wallets, this wallet is more convenient and easier to use to perform various miracles because of its unique design. 

    Numerous international professional magicians have seen and endorsed this product not only for its clever design but also for the fact that it is manufactured with highest quality and can be carried around every day for magic performance at great ease. 

    Therefore, “X-Change Wallet” is definitely a must-have for magicians who would like to carry around miracles in your wallet! 

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