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Greek Fire by Axel Vergnaud

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    The complete lighter magic set by Axel Vergnaud

    This is a complete lighter magic set that will allow you to perform close-up miracles. You'll be ready to amaze with six extremely visual effects with a mini-Bic lighter. These professional routines are perfect for walk-around, close-up and social media.

    Transpo: A yellow and black lighter exchanges place several times, even though one of them is inside the spectator's hand. Everything is completely examined at the end.

    Traffic Lights: You show a black lighter with two sticker dots, one red and one green on both sides. Visually both spots fuse into one: a yellow spot. Finally, the whole lighter turns yellow.

    Mario Bros: You show a lighter with a black and white Mario Bros. sticker on both sides. Suddenly Mario transforms and is full of colors on both sides. The lighter is completely examinable.

    Gradual Change: A blue lighter starts to change slowly at four stages into a red lighter. Two handlings are explained; you can even give the lighter for examination at the end.

    Rubik: You show a lighter with a mixed Rubik sticker on both sides. Visually the Rubik solves itself on both sides and you give the lighter for examination.

    Use your own mini-Bic lighter.
    • Ideal for close-up, walk around and social media magic.
    • Extremely visual magic.
    • Six professional routines explained.
    You receive:
    • Two specially manufactured gimmicks.
    • Special gaffs.
    • Video download instructions with step-by-step explanations.