Mazzo di carte Bicycle Monster Playing Cards

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    DON'T BE SCARED!! A spooky, premium deck of Bicycle-branded playing cards inspired by the classic monsters from stories and myths. These have been created in a fun style that will appeal to all ages. Each set of courts represents a different type of monster. Clubs are Water Dwellers J = Swamp Creature, Q = Siren, K = Kraken Hearts are Undead J = Zombie, Q = Bride of Frankenstein, K = Frankenstein's Monster Spades are Shape Shifters J = Vampire, Q = Selkie, K = Werewolf Diamonds are Not of this World J = Alien, Q = Gorgon, K = Demon Jokers are Monster Hunters 100% custom - this is a limited edition, one-time print. An affordable, collectible deck suitable for all your playing card needs. Games, magic tricks, cardisty and more. A great deck to use for Halloween. Also makes a great gift. Use it for scary card tricks and games! Features: Made in USA by USPCC Classic Bicycle paper stock Air-Cushion finish Poker size 52 Cards + 2 Jokers 2 gaff cards (werewolf transition) Two-way back design Tuck case reveal Standard USPCC black tuck seal 100% custom original art Designed by Joe Ruiz Produced by Will Roya Limited edition of 3,000 2018 release