Mazzo di carte Limited Edition Fungi Mystic Mushrooms Mycological Playing Cards

  • €15.90
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    From the team that brought you Friendly Felines and Royal Vortex, we are pleased to present Fungi Mystic Mushrooms Playing Cards! You will find a selection of various fungi represented throughout the deck - colorful, digitally hand-painted designs enchanted on a dark background. This fun, functional, unorthodox deck can be used for all your playing card needs and makes a great deck for your collection.

    • Printed by USPCC
    • Designed by Azured Ox
    • Produced by Will Roya
    • Classic Stock
    • Linen Finish
    • Traditional Cut
    • Poker size
    • 52 cards + 2 Jokers and 2 gaff cards
    • Two-way, full bleed back design
    • Tuck case reveal
    • Limited edition of 979
    • 2018 release