Odissea Neptune Playing Cards by Giovanni Meroni

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    • Brands Thirdway Industries
    • Codice Prodotto: MRCRT575
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    You blinded my beautiful son! My fury will follow you everywhere. The Sea itself will be your enemy. You will never come back to your island. Ever!

    Neptune is the second Odissea deck, designed by Giovanni Meroni for Thirdway Industries. It's dedicated to the enemies of Ulysses.

    • Second deck of Odissea series
    • Limited edition of 3000 decks
    • Premium black stock tuck box
    • 2 different color foils on the tuck box
    • Metallic inks on card backs and fronts
    • 56 cards: include 2 extra courts
    • Embossing
    • Printed in USA by USPCC
    This deck includes several characters of Odissea: Ulysses, Neptune, Calypso, Scylla, Polyphemus.

    This deck is for the ones who act without thinking, and for the physical, strong ones who never hesitate.