Solitary by Cameron Francis and Paper Crane Magic - DVD

Solitary by Cameron Francis and Paper Crane Magic - DVD

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    From the mind of Cameron Francis comes solitary: A signed coin to impossible location that takes up almost no pocket space, is gimmick free and completely examinable. Imagine this, you produce a sealed cardboard coin holder and have it examined. A quarter is then borrowed and signed by the spectator on both sides. Suddenly, the coin visually appears inside the sealed coin holder. The coin holder is held at the finger tips, clearly displaying that the coin is suspended inside. The coin holder is then ripped open and the spectator can remove the coin. Everything is examinable.

    On this DVD, Cameron teaches several routines with coin holders involving appearances, penetrations and transpositions. The effects are all easy to do, highly visual and completely examinable.

    Running Time Approximately: 45min