Soundproof Coins by G Sparks Magic

Soundproof Coins by G Sparks Magic

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    "Yeah works great and invisible, I fooled my friend the first time I did it."
    - Rocco Silano
    • NO CLIPS
    • No SOUNDS
    Soundproof Coins allows you to perform a number of amazing effects with normal coins:

    1. Appear and vanish multiple coins in complete silence
    2. Split a single coin into two coins
    3. Make change from a single coin
    4. Make a coin appear from under a tabled object
    5. Have two coins melt into one coin
    6. An easy way to get one ahead and much more.

    Comes with 2 small jars of the secret formula and the "how to" link.

    This reusable, clear, nonadhesive formula becomes invisible and flat by gravity when placed onto any coin surface.

    Enjoy the Magic by G Sparks Magic

    Made in USA