W.M.D. (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Seth Race

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    "If you're looking for a WTF moment... W.M.D. has got it for you!!!"
    - Eric Jones

    "I love this hyper-visual modern take on the Matrix, made for the worker in mind!!"
    - Rodney Reyes

    "I'm a huge fan of Matrix effects and what I just saw blew my mind! I'll be waiting by the mailbox for this one. Love it!"
    - Chris Oberle

    "This is taking the Matrix to the next level! Love how organic this is!"
    - Kevin Li

    "Seth continually amazes me with his takes on organic magic with everyday items. He has a brilliant creative mind, and his latest effect W.M.D. looks to be another winner!"
    - Chris Dearman

    So, what does W.M.D. stand for? Washington's Matrix Dollar.

    Manipulating ink is something everyone wishes they had the ability to do. Imagine being able to VISUALLY perform a classic style Matrix effect using only the ink that the government has PRINTED on the back of a one-dollar bill.

    IN FULL VIEW of the spectator, the magician slides the ink of a 1 symbol across to join the other 1 symbol in the top corner, visibly altering the bill and laws of physics as you know it! This is repeated with the remaining two 1 symbols, until all four 1 symbols are grouped in the top corner. With a wave, the 1 symbols jump back and the bill is permanently restored. Impact your audience with W.M.D.!

    - Materials INCLUDED
    - 2 different handlings